Community Boat Project Internship

What is it?

The Community Boat Project offers 9-month or 1 year internships.

This internship is a chance for individuals to learn the soft skills of leadership, teaching, and organization, as well as a chance to advance technical skills associated with boats, including shipwright craftsmanship, rigging, and sailmaking. It is also an opportunity to learn the on-the-water skills of seamanship, with the goal of taking a leadership role as coxswain or captain.

This all happens within the unique setting of a Community Boat Shop. The applicant should be prepared to work with people of all ages and skills. These could range from a middle school student who has never handled a tool to a retired master craftsmen.

Needless to say, it will be an intense experience, but one which will provide you with a huge opportunity for growth.

Goal of the internship

The goal is to provide unique training to go out and organize Community-based vocational programs around the world. These programs are important because they not only provide hands-on skills for people but knit the Community together.

This is not a place for the novice to learn woodworking. For this you should be a student at the NW School of Wooden Boatbuilding. It is a place for a person with some background to refine and develop their skills. This is a multi-level maritime education.


Interns will work under the Program Coordinator, Wayne Chimenti. They will also be working with the 5 full time instructors at the NW School of Wooden Boatbuilding.

Master Craftsmen volunteers are common; Shipwrights, Sailmakers, Riggers, Captains, etc.. Each come with a wealth of knowledge which you can glean from.

Best of all, interns will be an instructor to our high school and other students! Be prepared to take ownership of one program.

Time commitment

Interns are required to work 3 days a week, 24 hours minimum, this maybe in the shop or on-the-water. At times there is an all hands effort to get boats in or out of the water. Interns will be drawn into all sorts of things.

This commitment will be productive time with students and volunteers. Interns may also attend the morning lectures at the boat school and pursue personal projects in the shop, but these will not count toward your 24 hour/week commitment.


Our Community Boat Shop is located at the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding. Our boats are in the Hadlock Marina. Our cruising ground is Port Townsend Bay/Port Hadlock area, with occasional trips to other parts of Puget Sound.

Other information

  • This is an unpaid internship.
  • This year (2011-’12) there are four interns. Two will be working together each day on a rotating basis.
  • We stress intergenerational interaction and learning.
  • We work with the local schools and provide accredited classes.
  • There are four basic programs: Boatbuilding, Voyaging (on-the-water), Sailor Scientist (science at sea), and Open Shop (open to all)

We have not heard of any other program worldwide which offers this type of opportunity for internship.

To learn about this year’s interns please visit our Staff page.

To Apply:

Copy and fill out this form and send it to us (see Contact Us page).

Internship Application

Leadership – Craftsmenship – Seamanship

Application for a Community Internship associated with the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding.

This is an unpaid position of 3, 6, or 9 months, 24 hours per week, running September through June.

Duties primarily include working with the Community Boat Project leading high school students, as well as people of all ages from the Community. This is in Boatbuilding and Voyaging programs. Duties may also include some maintenance at theBoatSchool, working with the instructors on projects as needed, working with the office staff as needed, and Community outreach.

Applicants should be 18 – 25 years old.


Have applications in to the NW School of Wooden Boatbuilding (attn: Wayne Chimenti) before April 1st. Decisions will be made by May 1st.



Contact Phone:                                                 Email:





Sex:   M___ F___          Date of Birth:                                  Single ___  Married____


Answer the following questions on a separate piece of paper. You may answer the questions individually or in essay form.


Why is this position appealing to you?


What strengths will you bring to the program?


What are the main things you hope to learn by this internship?


What experience do you have in woodworking and craftsmanship?


What leadership positions have you been in?


Do you have any sailing/on-the-water experience?


Do you have any grant writing , computer, or web skills?


What age-group do you like working with the best? The least? And why?



Do you prefer a 3, 6, or 9 month commitment? What months work best for you?

This is an unpaid position, how do you plan to support yourself during this time?


Please list three people as references. Include the name, contact information, and how you know this person.






Wayne Chimenti, Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding


“Never doubt that a small group of hardworking, dedicated individuals can change the world. Indeed, it is all that ever has.”