Puget Sound Voyaging

Voyagers – Class


Once a week the Puget Sound Voyagers meet. In this class High School students are introduced to and steeped in maritime culture.Journey prep 3.JPG

11204404_992750574108571_3196013519175791743_n.jpgIn fall and spring they go out in the rowing and sailing Longdories built by the Boatbuilding class. Through this experience teamwork and leadership are fostered.

During the winter months maintenance of the boats is undertaken, students study for their Wa. State Boater’s Card, and fundraise for their spring Journey.






Through the course of this class students learn maritime skills such as navigation, team rowing and boat maneuvering, marine maintenance (sanding, painting, simple woodwork, rig and sail repair), rope and knot-work, ship-board safety and much more.



a lunch of leftovers Sucia 161

In late spring the Journey in embarked upon.


Our hardy Voyagers take a 5-7 day trip aboard their Longdories or a local Tall Ship, exploring one corner of the Salish Sea. Mon journey begins 18

This expedition is a celebration of the team these students have forged during the course of the school year, as well as a chance to practice skills acquired throughout the year.