Useful info and links

For all of you who frequent the Community Boat Project and Puget Sound Voyaging Society here are some useful links and tidbits:


National Weather Service 7 Day Forecast

Click on map for specific  forecasts, both land and marine. Also check out ‘Zone area forecast’ and ‘Forecast discussion’ at the bottom of the page. 10 Day Forecast

Use the indexes to find your desired location. Tide and current predictions are shown in both graph and table form. Lat. and Long. co-ordinates often do not match named locations, not sure which one the data is based on.

On a specific location page there is a map with other nearby location (they are not links!) enter names in into the search bar to travel between locations. Near the bottom of the page is a date and time selector, so you can view the dates you need far into the future.

Beaufort scale

Use this descriptive scale to learn to judge wind speed

Example log book entry

Small vessel sea service form

For sea time on non-inspected vessels

Here you can download free pdf charts for anywhere in the US. You can also find publications such as Chart 1, Light Lists and Coast Pilot as free downloads.

Navigation Rules (Rules of the Road)

This is a PDF version of the official International and Inland Navigational Rules provided by the Coast Guard.

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