Weekly Schedule 2015-2016 school yearDSCN9849

Thursday    1-5 pm –  Boatbuilding – high school program

Friday         1-5  pm –  Voyaging/ Sailor Scientist – high school program

Saturday     9:30-3:30 pm open shop/ open boat

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♦ Dragonheart  draws cheers at the Rhody parade! With a crew of Voyagers and Boatbuilders representing from ICE, PI, Sunfield, NW School of Wooden Boat Building, and 4-H,  we rowed our longdory down the parade route. The crowd loved it, greeting us with cheers, whistles and chants of ‘Row! Row! Row!’ The boat on it’s scarlet trailer was towed by a banner draped van, escorted by oar bearers and the famous dragon squares’l. Pictures coming soon.
Puget Sound Voyagers went on their spring Journey! We trailered Onward! down to Allyn at the north end of Case inlet and spent five days circumnavigating Harstene island. With spectacularly beautiful weather we rowed and sailed and average of 7-8 nautical miles per day with one day of rest, camping at Jarrell Cove, Hope Island, and McMicken Island, with a combo tent and boat camp set-up. Keep tuned for more stories and some pictures!
Dragonheart is officially done and will be launched this coming Thursday, April 12, 13:30h, at the Northwest School of Wooden Boat Building. Come one, come all!
♦ Onward is back in the water! Our sailing season is about to begin.
♦   Longdory #4 (as yet un-named) is well along in the lofting process.
♦   Dragonheart is recieving finishing touches so as to join her sisters in the sailing season this year.
♦   One of our interns, Penelope Partridge, in conjunction with our partner the Northwest School of Wooden Boat Building, is facilitating the Felicity Ann project. Learn about it at:

September 19
School begins this week! We are back with our Boatbuilding, Voyaging, and New Sailor Scientist classes. Here’s to a good year!
July 25 – August
We are on Summer Vacation!!!
Dragonheart and Onward! are in Port Hadlock, Journeyman is being rented by Camp Four Winds on Orcas Island.
May 2011
PSVS Journey

This year our voyaging class did their spring Journey aboard the Schooner Spike Africa. They departed out of Friday Harbor and spent a week sailing around the San Juan Islands, putting to use the maritime skills they have been acruing all year. The Voyagers practiced sail and boat handling, navigation, vessel maintenance, as well as cooking meals and doing ship-board chores. All this of course liberally sprinkled with games, stories, chantey singing, and asorted fun.